My first spring run

As I stated in the «about» section on this blog, some blogging on jogging might occur. I stated this in Norwegian, so I’m guessing not everyone has been properly warned. This blog is mostly in Norwegian, however I felt a sudden urge to exercise my English as well as my cardiovascular system. Norwegian is my first language, so this comes with no guarantees concerning language quality. Hopefully the form will improve with practice. Which brings me back to what I was planning to blog about on this gorgeous Saturday in the capital of Norway, Oslo.

It’s March, it’s sunny and warm, and the snow that has been hiding in shady corners and hillsides is slowly giving in. With this phenomena my yearly jogging enthusiasm is awakening after half a year in hibernation. So, after this lazy 6 months with no more daily exercise than watching television or knitting, I have been oppressing a reoccurring urge to go rushing off into the woods with my training shoes on for a week or so.

My first excuse was that I had no clothes to wear. I took a peek in the closet to find that this was simply a lie. I had more than enough clothes to go for a jog. My second excuse was that I would give myself a heart attack starting off to hard and shortly after a third excuse came to mind. I’ve had some trouble with my neck lately (I do appreciate my physiotherapist telling me exercise will help, however I’ve been telling myself it would probably make matters worse). Well, some weeks have gone, and I’m all out of excuses. The sneakers have got to come out of the closet, and I recognize that I don’t need new ones (there are no more excuses, the shoes from last year are hardly worn at all). So, here goes nothing.

I have to add that I ended last jogging season in the end of September, while being able to jog about 20 kilometers (or 12,5 miles) with no stops. So it’s kind of intriguing having to start from scratch every spring. I wonder what kind of wonder-woman-like-shape I would be in if I only kept up the activity level throughout the winter.

So my first jog this spring happened on Thursday. The plan was a short run starting down hill, then a somewhat steep uphill and a nice run into the woods. This resulted in a careful and a bit painful, slow run down the hill. The uphill run was easier on knees and joints, however at the top of the hill (it’s a steep hill) I recognized that I haven’t run at all for half a year – pain! So I had to walk for half a mile or so, and then ended the jog in some slow down hill working-with-gravity or controlled-falling-motion on a path in the woods. This less than impressing 5 kilometer (3 mile) first spring run is over, and however embarrassing there’s only one first run  a year.

Today I had the second run, still no wonder-woman-like-shape, but a bit less painful. I even managed to enjoy the beautiful weather, the birds chirping and good company. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “My first spring run

  1. I remember that English was your first language. You said «no» and «down Herman» and «poor Jessie» before you were a year…. Yes, and *Jessie Happy..’ 😀

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