Soft merino winter kit

So another week flew by, and it’s Friday already. Oslo is looking more and more like spring, however I’m kind of happy the weather got a bit cooler. If spring came too fast, I couldn’t wear my newly knit soft merino winter kit.


Last Thursday evening I ordered some more Abuelita thick and thin yarn from Pickles. They had 30% off which was simply to hard to resist – so I didn’t. I had some left over green merino yarn from the Grace Jones Cowl I knit a while back, and started a pair of really soft mittens from Pickles’  Grace Jones Winter Kit. With only few inches left to finish the last mitten, I really needed the yarn in the mail. The yarn hadn’t arrived by the weekend and the suspense was just too much, so mean while I started knitting my first sweater. I’m planning on finishing it by fall so it’s a slow progressing project. Finally the wool arrived mid week and I could finish the super soft green mittens. The pattern is really easy, basically purl seven rounds then knit seven rounds, and the yarn is thick (and thin) so it goes fast.

When the mittens were ready I knit a hat with the rest of the yarn. I was running low on yarn again, so I cut the final three sequences a bit short. They’re not quite seven rounds each, but it was either that or a yellow top on the hat. Now the set is complete and I’ve got to figure out what to do with the yellow yarn that arrived in the same package. They say it’s going to snow again this Easter, and that’s great! Now I have an excuse to knit a pair of yellow mittens.



2 thoughts on “Soft merino winter kit

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