Jogging progress

So it’s been a bit more than a week since I dusted my trainers and went for the first run of the season. I’ve had 6 runs so far. This is way too few for me to say that I run (like on a regular basis) and there are absolutely no physical visible results at all yet. What can I say, I’m still just barely fitting all of me in to my training outfit. But that’s fine, I’m happy I’ve finally started.

So today’s run was approximately the same round as a week ago. I started downhill, in a controlled falling motion with the impact on the asphalt letting me know where all of todays weaknesses were located. The nature of the pain has changed after a week, some things hurt less and some spots just hurt different. After this short and sort of promising start, the uphill still came on brutal and fierce. After running the same round 6 times I felt more confident when facing the hill this time. In my eagerness, and knowing that all the Sunday morning walkers could see me, I might have started out a bit too ambitious. So by the top I was working hard to keep inhaling and exhaling at a sensible rate. Especially the exhaling can be challenging at times. I’m guessing that this was about where my cheeks caught this lovely bright red color I discovered in front of the mirror at home a little later on. That explained the strange looks I got while panting bravely during my uphill battle. Perhaps they were considering whether or not to call 911.

The round in the woods can be combined in many alternatives. Today’s choice went into the woods after the steep hill and onto a path, then after a while turning 180 and running down the same path again. Further down the hill comes a suspension bridge, followed by more forest path, before the path continues up on a flat and ends after about 250 meters. In the woods the snow finally melted leaving the bare path and some muddy slopes. My gorgeous white hardly worn trainers aren’t all that white any more.

Coming down the hill, we usually run with a certain distance on the bridge to avoid too much resonance. This time another couple of runners were getting closer and I just barely made it across before they got to the bridge. I could feel the oscillation increasing as I was just getting to the end of it. I was beginning to realize that they would catch up with us, and decided to make it easy for them. We slowed down a bit, and moved toward the side. Considerate, right? They didn’t pass us. They just kept running right behind us until we were all closing in on a group of like 4 grown ups and 3 kids. The path is quite narrow, so it was easy to see that this ment trouble. In the middle of one of the steepest muddy hills with crying children in front of us, the runners behind us decided to pass us. It became a slightly awkward muddy experience for the lot. They didn’t  get very far ahead, cause we kept up in their pace. Not getting too close, of course, that would be rude. It was kind of surprising to realize that we could keep up at all. When coming up to the flat the two runners stopped in the middle of the path and started walking. My white trainers followed my surprisingly light, swift steps into the muddy edges of the path. I ended up in a refreshing sprint leaving me to remember that I actually enjoy running.



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